Hi there, I play around with Python, Reddit, and MMA forums etc. On this page you can find some of my creations.

Watch /r/mma inside VLC Media Player:


3 ways to make it work:

* In VLC Media Player, click on Media, Open Network Stream and paste http://mmavid.com/playlist.xspf, click Play.

* Click on the link and when a window pops-up, associate the extension with VLC

* If you have VLC Plugin in your browser you can also click on the link and watch inside the browser.

What’s in the playlist? So far, only the latest videos (only youtube and streamable) posted on reddit/r/mma. I will add other sources later.

This is what gave me the idea to create the same thing, but for every sub reddit, on vlc.tv. For example: vlc.tv/r/mma.xspf

New script:

All the images recently displayed on the Sherdog forums (updated every 30min)

Or better: Only the new images posted on the Sherdog forums (updated every 30min)

Same with mixedmartialarts.com New images posted on the mixedmartialarts.com forums (updates every hour)